Board Member, Carrie Spott Stockmal

Carrie has been an accomplished and innovative marketing, business development and production executive with over 20 years of unique experiences in the entertainment, media and marketing fields. 

Carrie has been involved in the disability community since the birth of her son Jack in 2002.  Thrust into advocacy by Jack’s complicated medical and developmental history, Carrie has been committed to learning; forgoing a new a path and being part of the solution that helps Jack live his fullest life.  As Jack’s world has expanded, so has Carrie’s and her commitment to bringing opportunities and solutions to the greater neurodiverse community is now steadfast. 

In 2017, fueled by her discovery of limited work opportunities for people who are neurodiverse, Carrie began applying her talents to developing businesses that support people of all abilities.  Combining her love for animals and her desire to provide employment for people of all abilities, PETacular Pet Sitting is Carrie’s first effort to create employment experiences and opportunities for people with neurodiversity.  PETacular employees are caring for pets on the Main Line while simultaneously learning the skills and building confidence that are necessary for individual growth.  It offers opportunities for career development and increased responsibility.

She is deeply committed to creating opportunities for growth in the workplace for individuals of all abilities.  Ears and eyes wide open, Carrie is growing her existing businesses while seeking innovative models so that she may continue to make an impact.


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