Light It Up GREEN for Autism Awareness Month by Erica Daniels

2nd,April , 2019

Light It Up GREEN for Autism Awareness Month by Erica Daniels

While most of the world is “lighting it up blue,” for autism awareness month many families actually affected by autism do not. Autism families often find it offensive to “celebrate” autism. The autism community craves action over awareness.

Autism Speaks, architects of the “light it up blue” campaign, has spent over $500M since 2005 leaving families with no answers about cause or cure. Katie Wright, daughter of Autism Speaks founders, Bob and the late Suzanne Wright, frequently outwardly criticizes the organization for wasting funds.

“A” Epidemic

Autism, Asperger’s, Allergies,
Asthma, Apraxia, ADHD,
and Autoimmune disease are all variations of immune dysfunction and neurotoxicity. Autism is an epidemic of massive proportions moving at light speed threatening to reach half of American children by 2025.

Autism is the most common developmental disability affecting children in the United States today, more common that Down Syndrome, Intellectual Disability, and Cystic Fibrosis combined. So common, that Sesame Street introduced Julia in 2017, a Muppet who has autism. Today the oldest running children’s television program further introduced Julia’s family, revealing new resources for families in honor of Autism Awareness Month 2019. More children will be diagnosed with AUTISM this year than AIDS, Diabetes and Cancer COMBINED.

Being the mother of a 14-year old with severe autism and an active advocate in the field, people often ask me what I think the “cause” of autism is… What are we doing different now and why are our children becoming increasingly sick and neurologically challenged?

My answer is simple…

Through all of mankind’s miraculous innovations in agriculture, medicine, and technology, we are changing the course of the human race. We are blinded by our advancements and overlook the effects they are having on our children and future generations to come. There is always a negative to a positive, a pro to a con, and a side effect of a benefit, culminating in a butterfly effect.

Mother Earth is suffering the consequences of our wanton use of her. The more we build and the more we use natural resources, the less we green resources we have. Global warming, extinction, and pollution are upon us. It only makes sense that we as a human race are affected by the same causes of the earth’s deterioration.

When you are toxic, your body and your brain are also sick . . . you develop autism or some variation of it. I call this global toxic contamination of children or the “A” Epidemic. The only way to prevent and treat autism at its toxic core is to return the body and earth back to a clean and natural state… a “green” state. Living, eating and healing “green” is a philosophy that encompasses a holistic approach involving nature.

Going Green for Autism

There is no cure for autism. There is no medical explanation for autism that has been accepted.

Eating organic whole foods from the earth gives our bodies the nutrients we need without the toxins. Patients with autism often have gastrointestinal issues and need to be on whole food healing diets.

Science is quickly revealing medical cannabis effectively treats the outward symptoms of autism while working long term to repair neurologic function. Patients with autism have a damaged endocannabinoid system according to researchers in the field.

Medical cannabis may be the missing piece in the treatment of autism. The challenges with this utilitarian treatment, for the world’s largest childhood epidemic, lie in stigma of marijuana, the harsh laws, specifically federal laws that hold marijuana a schedule one controlled substance. Conversely, there is no stigma or crime in taking pharmaceutical medications significant side effects have been reported in cannabis use.

The most effective healing we can offer our children is to teach them how to maintain their natural health through eating and living healthy, clean and GREEN.

By lighting it up GREEN I hope to bring awareness of natural health in the fight against autism. Cleaning our earth up, cleaning up our bodies, getting back to the basics that nature provides us may just be the only thing that can save the world!

Erica Daniels is the mother of a child with autism who is determined to give her son and family the highest quality of life possible. Erica is the author of Cooking with Leo: An Allergen-Free Autism Family Cookbook; Founder of Hope Grows for Autism, a nonprofit aimed at improving the lives of families affected by autism through research, education and advocacy; CEO of Autism Advisors LLC, a research & advisory firm which provides strategic consultation and solutions to healthcare professionals, product manufacturers, and universities to empower them in making data-backed business & healthcare decisions involving autism.


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