Local mom fights to get her son the help he needs

10th,May , 2017

Local mom fights to get her son the help he needs

– A Horsham woman is in the unfortunate situation that too many parents find themselves in, they have a sick child and will do anything to try and help them.  But even in the face of this challenging issue our Bill Anderson found light.  He found that this mother is willing to step forward and fight and even risk going to jail so her son can get relief.

“Leo is now 12. I’ve tried every treatment imaginable. Traditional, pharmaceutical, alternative.”
Medical marijuana is now legal in Pennsylvania but availability in our state is at least a year away so parents like Erica Daniels are being forced to make really difficult decisions.
“I actually felt it was safer to go and travel and get him the right medicine then to try and find something around here that I wouldn’t know what was in it or if it was safe,” she explained.
Leo has autism.  He’s a sweet kid even helping his mom with a book she wrote.  But Erica says his behavior used to change dramatically without any provocation.  After a lot of research she got approval in Pa. to try medical marijuana for Leo and the results were significant. Unfortunately, to get the spray cannabis he needs Erica had to go to an out-of-state dispensary making her the latest parent breaking the law to treat their child.
Medical marijuana is legal in Pennsylvania but it’s not yet available. It’s legal and available in New Jersey but not to Pennsylvania residents and it’s legal and readily available in places like Colorado and Washington State; however, transporting it across state lines depending on the amount is a felony. So what can parents of children like Leo do?
“I’m just out there doing what I think is right.  I wouldn’t tell anyone else to do it, its my choice to make.”
After learning of the challenges, Erica started a non-profit called Hope for Leo to try to raise awareness.  She wants parents to benefit from her experiences.


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